Reproduction quality vs. live-view quality.  High resolution vs. Low resolution.  Print media vs. Web/email media.

Last updated: January 2017.    A PRIMER by Steve Salamin, VP - M & PR

It can be tricky, if you don't know what you are doing.  But it really is easy - as long as you are able to distinguish exactly how and where, in what media, your images will be used.  This goes for logo images as well as pictures.  It really ONLY comes down to where you are using the image(s).  Printed in a poster or newsletter, or, viewed on a computer or mobile device.

This is a trial. The images that are showing below - in a thumbnail grid - are ALL fairly decent, high-resolution images.  Most are OK to print and most are probably TOO BIG for web.  However, I will leave DOWNSAMPLING to you (reducing the size to fit your app) and you're own personal resources.  If you "do" a website, you know you need to optimize images to look good and load fast.

Selecting an image below enlarges the image.  Right-click on the enlarged image and you may SAVE AS and you'll see my file-name and file type.  Use my description below for your best use.  Questions, comments, etc. - email me, please.  Thanks.

Skip this (inactive): <<<This link HERE (no) will take you to high-resolution images suitable for using in PRINT applications - that is, anywhere you know your piece will be printed - and you want GREAT results!  The larger file size makes these a poor choice for online.  They will take longer to download and may actually look worse when viewing online. Suitable format image types for print are: TIFF, PDF, AI, EPS, JPG (high).>>>

Skip this (inactive): <<<This link HERE (no) will take you to low/medium resolution images suitable for use on your web site or in email messages - in general, where your pieces will be VIEWED online, only.  The smaller file size also ensures quick down-loading, faster results while being economical with space and storage.  Where possible, each has a transparent background, so your web-page color will show "through" it.  Suitable format image types for web/email: JPG (low), GIF, PNG.>>>

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