Make amazing vocal harmony!    Regardless of age or experience!

100% pure a cappella. No tracks. No AutoTune. No instruments. Just the shared immersion of voices in perfect harmony

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  • All participants will receive learning tracks and sheet music to familiarize themselves with in advance to YHWNE.

  • Immerse yourself in some ensemble & quartet singing with your peers!

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YWHNE Musical Director

Ray Johnson

Ray Johnson is a 22-year member of the Barbershop Harmony Society. Ray’s first directorial position was as assistant director of his home chorus the Berkshire Hillsmen under Mike Joyce.  He then served with the Vocal Revolution (then Sounds of Concord) as interim director, before they found Dan Costello.  He further honed his skills after moving to Missouri while serving as musical director to the Voices of America.  Ray currently lives outside of Worcester, MA and is excited to be working with the team and participants of the Youth Harmony Workshop Northeast (YHWNE)

As a singer, Ray has been classically trained as a boy soprano, and then learned the Broadway-style of singing in college at the Hartt School of Music.  It was at the Hartt School where Men In Black formed with Ray singing baritone. In 2005 they won the International Collegiate Barbershop Quartet Contest of the BHS.  They have competed in the semi-finals of the ICCA for the Northeast, and have performed at the finals of the Harmony Sweepstakes.  In their 12 years together they have performed in more than half of the states in the US, throughout Canada, and as far as Finland.  Sharing this lifelong passion for excellence in a cappella ensembles is something Ray loves to do.  Whether singing in a show, performing in an ensemble, or directing a chorus, his love for music and joy of singing always come first.

“This is a group of men who are here because they want to be here. They’re here because they have a drive and a passion and a yearning for their own betterment, their own education. And it’s evident in the way they walk into the room when rehearsal starts. It’s evident in the way they sing and the way they jump into every task that we offer them.”  

-Ray Johnson, Musical Director