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Alan Lamson

39-year Member (2019)

Manchester, CT Chapter
Silk City Chorus
Alexandria, VA Chapter
Alexandria Harmonizers

District VP - Contest & Judging, current (2019)
Society President, 2011-2012
District President, 2003-2004
District Barbershopper of the Year, 1999

Northeastern District

“The Alan Lamson Award”

Awarded and presented to an individual who best exemplifies the qualities of an outstanding chapter president.

It is presented each year at the Fall District Convention during the Saturday night award presentations, for the previous years' achievements.

  • Now seeking nominations for the 2018 award. Summer 2019.

  • Deadline to submit is SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 01, 2019

Chapter President of the Year
Year Member Chapter
2018 (tbd)  
2017 Jack Gardiner Sydney, NS
2016 Harald Sandstrom Hartford, CT
2015 Mike Soper Portland, ME
2014 Don Hewey Worcester, MA
2013 Danny Anderson Danbury, CT
2012 Jim Kew Manchester, CT

Posted Friday, July 05, 2019

Members of the Northeastern District:

As the three immediate past recipients of this award, we are soliciting your input for nominations for the NED Chapter President of the Year (The Alan Lamson Chapter President of the Year Award) for 2018.

  • Note this is for the last full year, which was 2018, and not for the current year 2019!

  • You are encouraged to nominate individuals that you believe have been outstanding Chapter Presidents during 2018.

  • Please note that the deadline for submission is SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 01, 2019. All entries are due by this date.

  • Print and complete a manual form - or use the LINK below and submit ONLINE! Easy!

Please pay particular attention to the characteristics for qualification as outlined on the Nominating Form.  These are a direct reflection of the characteristics spelled out in the award description in the Operating Code.  Remember, we are looking for the chapter president who made things happen in his chapter during 2018 and not the chapter president who happened to be president when things happened – an important distinction which we are sure you will agree.

Feel free to add additional information to that requested on the Nominating Form.  The better you can explain why you are submitting your chapter president for last year, the better we will understand his strengths and importance to your chapter.  We are providing this as a Word document so that you may use it to insert all of the information we are seeking on each name submitted.

ABOVE: Access BOTH - (either) the easy ONLINE FORM and submit or download the Word file and complete/send in a manner easiest for you.

Should you have any question, do not hesitate to call any one of us on the selection committee. Thank you!

Alan Lamson Chapter President of the Year Award Committee

  • Jack Gardiner, Sydney, NS • Chairman

  • Harald Sandstrom, Hartford, CT

  • Mike Soper, Portland, ME      

Please NOTE! Submit completed form via Email to Jack Gardiner. The ONLINE form is received by all three men.